After several years as a professional goalkeeper for clubs including Swansea, Northampton, Oldham & Portsmouth, I decided to look at life after my career and after plenty of research and discussions with friends and family I decided to set up Keeps Lager Co. In late April 2018 I contacted a good friend of mine, Shaun, who I was close with when I played at Hereford. Shaun owned a pub called 'The Plough', so I discussed my ideas  with Shaun for a while and he took me down to the Wobbley Brewery. I expressed my ideas to Jason and Rachel at Wobbley, who then helped me put my thoughts in to reality, and here we are....... Keeps Lager Co.

Over the years Dai and I have discussed numerous business opportunities. With our respective careers we have moved all over the country with sport, I am now currently playing in London with the Saracens and we never found the right thing that worked for us both. When Dai approached me in late July 2018 with what he had created so far I was excited with the concept that we could have with Keeps Lager Co. Dai and I are massive lager fans so the thought of having our lager company really excited me. There is no feeling like walking in to a bar and seeing Keeps being on tap.